Hi, I’m Zoë

I have recently retired after a 40-year career in healthcare as a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and more recently as a nurse educator. So if you are good with numbers, you will see why I’m very interested in ageing! I am a Queen’s Nurse and have a Masters degree in Healthcare Practice.

As a nurse, I had the privilege of working with people across the entire lifespan and attending to the inevitability of ageing (and death), particularly because health issues are more common as people age. Even so, that didn’t often make me think about how I might age, although I was very clear about how the ways I did not want to age.

But it’s staring me in the face now.

I intend to ‘journal’ my ageing honestly and learn lots about how I can age well and enjoy my best possible life in the later years. There are many myths, preconceptions and assumptions made about ageing, and lots of stories that appear in the media that I suspect need ‘fact-checking’. I think this process will be fun.

I am optimistic and excited about my own ageing and I hope the journal of my journey will help others on the same path.

I also hope to learn from others by stimulating conversation and gaining further insights, so do please get in touch.