Facing Up to Ageing

Helping Your Skin to Age Well Our faces change constantly and our appearance alters as the years go by, that’s inevitable. But for some of us, the fear of ageing is very much a fear of losing our ‘looks’ and that is not surprising when you think about the ways old people, and women, in particular, are often portrayed. And women do tend to be under a lot more pressure than men to look good. In the fairy tales

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What Exercise Can Do to Your Ageing Body

Every time I prepare for some exercise, I have to remind myself why I do it. We all know significant changes happen to our bodies as we age, making us more susceptible to aches and pains, but it is also the subtle and gradual changes that I find interesting and motivating. Physical Decline Last year I had my wedding ring resized because it became difficult to remove (for cleaning purposes!) over my thickening knuckle. Nowadays I also struggle to undo

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