Does Everything Make You Angry Now You’re Older? Let’s Just Be Kind to One Another

When my daughters were young and having a typical sibling squabble, in desperation I would often ask them ‘are you being kind?’. It was an attempt to avoid becoming involved in their argument and to get them to think about what was really important at that moment. Amazingly, it usually worked. Lately, I have had to remind myself of this tactic as I try to bring more kindness and compassion into my thinking. Kindness or being kind is a trait

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The Surprising Benefits of Regular Foot Care

Why healthy feet can make all the difference as you grow older Is it possible to write a witty and profound article about feet? Possibly not. But this is important stuff. It could save your life. In his wonderful book ‘Being Mortal’, the surgeon Atul Gawande describes sitting-in with a chief geriatrician for some routine consultations. He noticed that the doctor spent a lot of time examining the feet of one patient who had several issues related to ageing although

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The Troublesome Mother/Daughter Relationship

Coming to terms with the loss of my mother We celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday last August. Family and friends held a lovely afternoon tea in the sunny dining room of her care home, where she had been living for just a few months. She had fallen earlier in the year and had rapidly become immobile but seemed to be adjusting. Then, following a very short illness, she was admitted to hospital as an emergency and sadly died on

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