Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life

How Some New Thinking Could Help You Live Longer Critical thinking and becoming open to change could be the key to improving your physical and mental health, helping to change your perspective, your life, and maybe even increase your life span. As a health professional, it was my role to discuss healthy lifestyle changes with my patients. They usually had long-term conditions such as diabetes and getting them to accept any change was challenging. Earlier in my career, this

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My Relationship Advice After 40 Years of Marriage

Being in lockdown with my husband for the last four months has been a good test of our relationship and caused me to wonder whether there are key things that keep couples happily together. I don’t usually presume to offer anyone relationship advice, because I truly believe that there is a lot of luck involved in maintaining long-term relationships. As human beings, we are bound to change over the years as we go through various experiences and challenges. It is

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