Ageism Causes Unhappiness and Not Just for the Old

Why Anti-ageing Products Are Offensive Recently, I saw a post on Instagram promoting ‘body positivity.’ It was part of a great campaign that aims to dispel the stigma around differences in appearance. Those differences can be visible or hidden and include, for instance, scars. In the video post, a young woman with psoriasis affecting her face and scalp was talking to camera when suddenly she paused, gasped and looked closely at her scalp. Her horror was not due to her

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How to Grow Old with Youthful Spirit

Making the most of every moment Recently I have taken up a new mantra and it’s this: “Live as though you will last forever but stay mindful that it could all be over tomorrow.” It’s a blend of the stoic reminder Memento Mori, literally ‘Remember that you must die’, with a prompt based on my belief that in order to age well we should be willing to keep moving forward, be curious to learn new things and think new thoughts.

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