Improving Your Self-talk Will Make You Happier

This tendency to engage in unhelpful self-talk must be avoided because it can become habitual and ‘normal’. Research shows that it takes the brain more effort to switch out of habitual negative thoughts and see the positive.

See this TED talk: A simple trick to improve positive thinking

1. Exaggerating

2. Taking things personally

3. Mistaking feelings for facts (and taking undue responsibility)

4. Disrespecting yourself

5. Telling yourself everything is (or will be) a disaster

It is not possible to stay positive all the time. And it can be downright annoying to be told to look on the bright side when you’re feeling down. But being aware of the way you talk to yourself certainly gives you a chance to pause and then interrupt any unhelpful thoughts before they push you into that negative spiral. Improving your self-talk can make all the difference.