Why Anti-ageing Products Are Offensive

Let’s End Ageism (click to view TED Talk)

There are many times when I have struggled to find a particular word or remember someone’s name and in response, I declare that I’m having a ‘senior moment’ (that is ageism). Or, as Ashton observes, I might blame pain in my right knee on old age but my left knee is just the same age and it’s not bothering me! I don’t react like that anymore. This kind of talk leads to older people accepting pain that could be treated, or limiting physical activity that could keep them healthier for longer.

You can interpret the famous image above in two different ways: you may see a young woman turning away or an old woman looking downward, depending on your perspective. However old we are inside, most of us don’t ‘feel’ our age. So, don’t limit yourself. Become aware of your own ageist beliefs, stop perpetuating them, and don’t accept them from anyone else either!