How to Grow Old with Youthful Spirit

Making the most of every moment Recently I have taken up a new mantra and it’s this: “Live as though you will last forever but stay mindful that it could all be over tomorrow.” It’s a blend of the stoic reminder Memento Mori, literally ‘Remember that you must die’, with a prompt based on my belief that in order to age well we should be willing to keep moving forward, be curious to learn new things and think new thoughts.

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Simplify Your Life and Embrace Slow Living

In praise of pottering about and tweaking things One of my favourite things is to spend time pottering about and tweaking things. Usually, I don’t have a plan, I will look around and rearrange things, maybe go into the garden and pick some flowers or seed heads, or have a tidy-up. This may not sound like the most productive undertaking but I assure you when I reflect on my days spent in this way, I always feel a great sense

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How To Age Well And Have Your Best Later Life

Ageing is a part of life. As a nurse, I’ve cared for the ageing and dying; I’m now assisting my 90+ year-old mother in her final years; and since my recent retirement from a 40-year health care career, I’m learning how to manage my own ageing. But what do we mean by ageing? It is the process of getting older, in which we will face physical, psychological and social changes. Ageing starts almost from the moment we are born,

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