The Surprising Benefits of Regular Foot Care

Why healthy feet can make all the difference as you grow older Is it possible to write a witty and profound article about feet? Possibly not. But this is important stuff. It could save your life. In his wonderful book ‘Being Mortal’, the surgeon Atul Gawande describes sitting-in with a chief geriatrician for some routine consultations. He noticed that the doctor spent a lot of time examining the feet of one patient who had several issues related to ageing although

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Some Healthy Eating Habits for Older Adults

What you eat is important but so is when you eat it We have notions of what healthy eating means, but it all gets very confusing and the advice seems to shift constantly. Sometimes the confusion occurs because there wasn’t any real evidence to support what we have been told by experts and also because new research points us in new directions. Ultimately, any advice, however well-meaning, is only going to help if it fits with our personal preferences

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What Exercise Can Do to Your Ageing Body

Every time I prepare for some exercise, I have to remind myself why I do it. We all know significant changes happen to our bodies as we age, making us more susceptible to aches and pains, but it is also the subtle and gradual changes that I find interesting and motivating. Physical Decline Last year I had my wedding ring resized because it became difficult to remove (for cleaning purposes!) over my thickening knuckle. Nowadays I also struggle to undo

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